Applecrumby & Fish
improves open rates by 124% with GetResponse

Applecrumby & Fish is one of Malaysia’s first and fastest growing ecommerce stores specializing in safe, natural, organic baby products.


  • Optimize message
    delivery to ensure
    the best open rates
  • Work within
    limited marketing
  • Decrease

Favorite features

  • Dedicated
  • Perfect
  • Marketing


  • %
    Open rates increased
    by 124%
  • %
    CTR increased up
    to 33%
  • %
    Contact list grew
    by 10% monthly

Email marketing for enterprise

Applecrumby & Fish chose the GetResponse MAX solution and were provided with a dedicated IP to ensure maximum deliverability.

After a comprehensive warm-up process with their GetResponse Customer Experience Engineer, they achieved an increase of 124% in their average open rate compared to their results using a shared IP on a different email marketing platform.

We would like to highlight GetResponse’s brilliant features, especially the Perfect Timing feature, which has proven to be a recipe for success – as showcased by the remarkable improvement of our open rates by at least 124%!

– says Andrew Lee, Online Marketing Manager.

With GetResponse, Applecrumby & Fish also achieved an enviable bounce rate of less than 2% and a whopping 33% click rate for one of their best-performing newsletters.

Marketing automation for increased productivity

Applecrumby & Fish is still a new startup in Malaysia, so hiring the right talent while keeping costs low was a major challenge. Using GetResponse marketing automation, they were able to streamline, automate, and optimize their existing repetitive processes. This left their marketing team with more resources and bandwidth to focus on productive initiatives such as market expansion and strategy.

Applecrumby & Fish currently has seven marketing automation workflows triggered by subscriber birthday, subscriber visits to certain web pages, and newsletters opened and clicked. And they use advanced tagging and scoring techniques to segment their database. As a result, their subscriber list grows by approximately 10% every month.

Flexibility for ultimate cost control

Using their previous provider, Applecrumby & Fish had trouble forecasting the amount of their bill – they were paying in U.S. dollars while there were currency fluctuations between the Malaysian Ringgit and U.S. dollar. They were also subject to withholding tax because their previous provider was not a tax resident in Malaysia.

With GetResponse Malaysia, they don’t have to worry about it anymore. The monthly price is fixed in the Malaysian Ringgit and not subject to additional taxes.

We’ve been onboard GetResponse for a couple of months now, and are pleased to say that we’re highly satisfied with what the platform has to offer. From the Customer Experience Engineer’s services to the platform’s functionality, it’s clear that everything is designed with ease of use in mind

– says Andrew Lee, Online Marketing Manager.

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