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ROI Tracking

Easily measure and monitor your marketing value

Get instant access to essential customer data

Are you after a better way to monitor and measure your marketing ROI? It can be a mistake to base business decisions on gut feelings or vanity metrics. With advanced reporting features, you’ll have all the important data at your fingertips.

You’ll also enjoy instant access to your customer data with intuitive statistics dashboards and API – or have it sent to you directly via email or to your individual FTP server. Whatever works best for you.

Test to keep your campaigns climbing

Want your emails to have more impact? With A/B testing, you’ll only send your best content to the right people, at the right time.

That means you can stop wondering which campaign will generate the highest response rate. Or which landing page will get the most conversions. With A/B testing features, you can spot the best-performing campaigns, using the KPIs that matter most to your business.

Fed up trying to figure out the best time to send? You can leave the heavy lifting to our AI. With Perfect Timing and Time Travel, we send your emails when your audience is most likely to read and respond.

Target your hottest prospects

Not all leads are equal. Especially when it comes to CLV (customer lifetime value) and how hard you should work to convert them into customers. But with lead scoring and tagging, you’ll know exactly who to keep an eye on.

You can simply assign tags and scoring points to complete contact profiles – and get a better overview of your customer base. It’s also possible to evaluate lead quality and pinpoint their stage in the buyer’s journey. Setting up marketing automation workflows is a breeze – as is bridging the gap between your marketing and sales teams. So you’ll only pass on sales-ready leads.

Integrate with your favorite tools

Do you use multiple platforms to track your marketing ROI? You can easily integrate GetResponse with your favorite tools such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel, Bing Ads, Yandex Metrica and more. Get them working together and watch your conversions soar.

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