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Dedicated Infrastructure

Boost your brand, build a better reputation

Your domain, your way

Are you looking for an easier way to take full control of your online identity? With a dedicated mailing domain and IP address, you can keep it consistent across all campaigns.

A custom domain will also boost your brand credibility. All your emails will appear sent from your own servers. And that means your sender information will stand out in inboxes – with all tracking links carrying your brand name.

Want to build landing pages and signup forms to host on your own domain or subdomain? Try our intuitive drag-and-drop editors. You can then redirect your pages and forms any way you wish.

If you run multiple users within your main account, use the power of the rebranding functionality. You can replace the GetResponse logo, favicon, website title, and even brand name, as well as create a custom domain to host your account.

Higher sender score = more emails delivered

Marketing automation workflows show you clear visual communication patterns with your contacts. Better yet, they’re triggered automatically when a condition is met. So you don’t have to do a thing.

With workflows, you’re able to collect valuable contact data at various touch points. Then strategically use the insights to craft relevant messages.

Track and analyze user behavior, and set rules that lead prospects straight to a purchase. Plus, test and optimize the easiest route to turn a curious lead into a loyal customer.

Customized to match your brand

How can you make a good first impression – on a client whose marketing campaigns you manage, or a contact opening your email?

By customizing our platform and designing the dashboard to match your brand identity. Upload your logo, favicon, and copy – and pick the color scheme that’s best for your business.

Prefer to use your own templates, instead of the Email Creator? You can customize the confirmation emails, newsletters, marketing automation workflows and more. Then simply preload them to your clients’ accounts.

We’ll keep busy behind the scenes, running the engine that powers your online marketing campaigns.

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